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Cookie Policy

Applies to everyone who wants to use Adpin services, via apps and website.

About Adpin
Adpin AB ("Adpin" or "we"), with corporate identity number 559218-4930, is a Swedish company with offices in Stockholm.

Adpin simplifies the search and purchase of ads in newspapers and magazines, both in print and digital format, through an intuitive and educational app and web service.


In order to provide the Service, Adpin uses so-called Cookies to collect information about users. Cookies refer to small text files that are stored on a user's desktop or mobile device and are used by the browser to gather information, and provide customized functions and content when you visit different websites, by enabling recognition of your device. Cookies are similar to other technologies that are also used to recognize devices, such as pixel tags, web storage, and SDK integrations.



We mainly use two types of cookies, more specifically persistent cookies and session cookies. Persistent cookies are stored for a longer period of time on the user's device or until they are deleted manually, and are thus reused at each visit to the website. Session cookies are only stored temporarily on the user's device during the specific visit, and are deleted when the website is left and the browser is closed.



Thefollowing is a description of each type of cookie that Adpin uses, the purpose of the use of that type of cookie, and an example of such a cookie.

3.1 Functional Cookies
Example: ...
Functional cookies are the most basic ones that enable Adpin to provide the Service in its entirety and without interruption. These cookies are also used to deliver customized content and features, as well as to make the service user-friendly, by collecting and storing your choices and preferences. Without these cookies, we may not provide certain parts of the Service in accordance with the choices made by users.

3.2 Advertising cookies
As Adpin mainly provides a Service for advertising various deliveries, we may work with and share cookie information to various service providers and advertising networks for the purpose of other services and websites with ads from Adpin.

3.3 Cookies for analysis
These cookies help Adpin to improve and update the Service by collecting information about how users interact with the Service, any problems that arise, and which pages perform better. We use these cookies for the purpose of analyzing how the Service performs, as well as developing, updating, and improving the Service for our users. Adpin also uses anonymized data from analytics cookies to analyze and improve the content and structure of specific pages.

3.4 Third-party cookies
cookiesAdpin may use service providers who may place and use cookies on our behalf to identify users who visit our pages. We may also allow Adpin business partners to use cookies to identify users and devices. We do this in order to be able to provide the Service in its entirety, and in that our suppliers will be able to deliver their services.


Most browsers used today are preset to allow cookies, but allow manual handling of cookies in the system settings , for deleting or deactivating cookies e.g. Mobile devices also allow the handling of cookies in this way, where iOS devices have a "Restrict Tracking" setting and Android devices allow to "Opt out of Interest-Based Ads". Note that these settings are not saved in your user account with Adpin, but, if restriction of cookies is desired, must be done on the browser for each device you use to access the Service.

We at Adpin always ask for the user's consent for cookies to be used to identify them. If you choose not to allow cookies, you can still use the Service but with the risk that all functions do not work as they should. Users of the Service should be aware that the restriction or removal of cookies and tracking does not restrict advertising in the Service, and this may still be displayed.



AdPin AB reserves the right to make changes and updates to this policy at any time. When changes to the policy are made, we publish these in the Service and notify users via the Service. In the event of major changes to the policy, we also provide users of the Service with an explanation of these changes and their meaning in good time before they take effect.



If you have questions regarding cookies and specifically our cookie policy, you are welcome to contact

For more general information about cookies, please visit 
Adpin AB

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